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Drinktec 2017

Welcome at B&B - hall A2, trade-fair stand 314,
from 11 to 15 September in Munich

Brigl & Bergmeister and Papirnica Vevče, the special paper factories that are members of the Roxcel Group, will participate in the drinktec trade fair with an extensive programme, presenting a number of innovations from their ranges of “one-side coated papers”, “pressure-sensitive label papers”, “label paper for IML applications”, “uncoated wet-strength and alkali-resistant label papers”.

Being the world market leader in the segment of wet-strength and alkali-resistant label papers, B&B has extended its portfolio in this sphere. NiklaSelf is a small, but finely tuned range of wet-strength and alkali-resistant self-adhesive labels. B&B is now able to provide the beverage industry with 10 different qualities, thus supplementing its overall range.

At drinktec, B&B is going to present NiklaConcept, an outstanding uncoated wet-strength and alkali-resistant label paper for artisanal products and their finish.

With Niklakett IML, B&B has managed to create a groundbreaking innovation in the sphere of label papers for injection-mould labelling (IML). It took 18 months to develop and obtain approvals for Niklakett IML – a special paper for IML-IM applications that runs on vacuum and electrostatic cavities. Niklakett IML is suitable for thin-wall and thick-wall injection moulding and available in three grammages: 55, 70 and 90. In terms of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycling, B&B has some surprises in store.

At drinktec, B&B will also present an absolute recycling innovation with regard to paper and polypropylene compounds. This method allows the reuse of pure polypropylene within the food cycle without downgrading so that paper-PP compounds will be able to make a major contribution in terms of recycling management and sustainability.

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