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PackPro 7.0 Rotogravure

Versatile, high-quality & attractive
PackPro 7.0 - the team leader

One side coated, woodfree flexible packaging paper with high surface quality. Very good runnability in printing and conversion. Very good suitability for lamination and coating. Good cracking resistance. Odourless.

Whether as mono-packaging or in combination with other materials, the appeal of the paper is always key. This lends character to the different compositions and makes packaging an experience in itself.

The combinations in which PackPro 7.0 can be used for composites in the field of flexible packaging is simply astonishing.

The great art of gravure printing on PackPro 7.0, together with materials which provide the requisite barrier qualities, enable the packaging and contents to fuse perfectly to form a single unit.

PackPro 7.0 - for better packaging solutions