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Alukett Spezial Fashion

Metallic, dry & sparkling
Alukett Spezial Fashion - the fresh feel

Embossed label paper, wet strength and alkali resistant, excellent ink retention in the washing solution, high strength. With functional coating on the reverse. High printing and labelling speed.

Even before it is printed, Alukett Spezial Fashion conveys spontaneity, invigorating with its cool, crisp surface.

As a metallic embossed label paper, Alukett Spezial Fashion gives your product presentation a distinguished feel, setting it apart from the general run in visual terms. Its radiant ink characteristics make Alukett Spezial Fashion a label paper for aspirational beverages seeking the attribute of freshness and clarity. The tangible texture gives the label designer every facility to give the label his personal touch.

What distinguishes Alukett Spezial Fashion from other label papers is its special refraction, its high gloss, and the opaque body of this material.

Its tactile attributes combined with excellent printability and labelling performance thus make it an economic and reliable resource.