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Alukett Spezial

Radiant, dry & cool
Alukett Spezial - the cool one

Excellent ink retention in the washing solution, wet strength and alkali resistant, high strength. With functional coating on the reverse. High printing and labelling speed.

Alukett Spezial is a metallized label paper designed specifically for use in gravure printing. Its smooth, metallized surface conveys an impression of coolness, moving the beholder by the clarity and radiance of the inks on the label material.

The label designer can leave the surface smooth after the printing process, or, as is often the case in gravure printing, influence the surface as required by inline embossing.

In both cases, when it comes to product design, the features of Alukett Spezial, radiant and cool, will give the beverage that it is decorating a refreshing character. Of course, Alukett is also technically perfected and can be used for both one-way and returnable bottles, fulfilling all requirements with regard to labelling and handling of returned bottles.