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Recyclable, precious & biodegradable
NiklaPET Web - the natural one

Wood free label paper, coated on one side, for continuous printing and labelling. Very high whiteness and good opacity. Graded wet strength. Excellent recyclability.

Pure water and natural fruit drinks must demonstrate their honesty by their packaging. A label made from natural, renewable raw materials that is also biologically degradable in just a few weeks, is the best way to do this.

If you claim to have a valid product, you can give your brand a look that is consistent and coherent when you use NiklaPET WEB as your starting point. The material qualities of NiklaPET WEB assist your label design in subtle ways, by imparting such emotional values as a reputable promise of quality and exclusivity in the premium segment. These are the findings of a comprehensive market survey carried out directly with consumers, using comparable examples.

If you want to reduce your CO2 emissions, you have to dispense with fossil-based materials and switch to organic substances, such as wood, straw or similar. Paper labels such as NiklaPET WEB are produced from renewable timber and more often than not, from forest thinning and sawmill offcuts. Our PEFC certification also guarantees that we only use wood that will be reforested. More and more consumers want this to happen and are taking it into consideration in their purchasing decisions. Not only that, but the fact that NiklaPET WEB is now available in 55 g/m2, considerably reduces the material input and allows the application of a natural label material that also accommodates environmentally aware consumers.

Once NiklaPET WEB has successfully completed its job of brand communication, then give it the opportunity to live again, by returning it to your collecting bin for recycling. Perhaps, the same material will once again grace your bottle.