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Niklakett Premium Fashion

Magnificent, luxurious & sensous
Niklakett Premium Fashion - the superior one

High gloss embossed label paper, high wet strength and alkali resistant. High wet opacity. High climate stability. Highest printing and labelling speed. Designed for use of metalure inks.

Just like the high-gloss version of the source material for this grade, the embossed version is also one of the best label papers for high-quality printing standards and stringent labelling requirements.

Niklakett Premium Fashion is the paper for the offset printer, who will be highly delighted when multi-colour applications and captivating, vibrant colours are required. Of course, Niklakett Premium Fashion is excellent for punching and also for highspeed labelling.

It is the feel of Niklakett Premium Fashion that is different to the smooth, high-gloss source material.

The textured surface keeps us looking for longer, radiating a balanced calm which is confirmed by touch. Marketing specialists in the drinks sector, which is where this paper is chiefly deployed, make use of this advantage so that there is a positive tactile feedback, especially when consuming the product.