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Natural, economic & convenient
NiklaPET - the invigorating one

White, gloss label paper, with high brightness and extremely good opacity. With gentle coordinated wet strength. Highest printing and labelling speed. Good climate stability.

Pure water and natural fruit drinks must also demonstrate their honesty in their packaging. A label made from natural, renewable fibre materials is the best way to satisfy this requirement.

NiklaPET is a label paper which as printed matter is eminently suitable for processing in all the common printing processes. It easily meets every labelling requirement, whether labelling from the reel, from a blank or in punching dies. Every opportunity to present a product is possible so that it matches the quality of the contents.

Nowadays, NiklaPET is appreciated and utilised by printing technicians throughout the world. Continuity of price and quality make business calculable and secure.

NiklaPET as a PET bottle label material can meet the bottler's technical requirements precisely as well as giving free creative rein to the label designer.