Brigl & Bergmeister offers alternatives to plastic

Brigl & Bergmeister offers alternatives to plastic

Single-use plastics have very much fallen out of favour, especially plastic drinking straws. Yet straws have more or less become part of our everyday lives. Many well-known manufacturers of soft drinks have based their whole brand identity on these practical drinking aids and have been selling their products in popular portion-sized sachets or miniature Tetra packs for decades. Now Brigl & Bergmeister, based in Niklasdorf, has developed an alternativ environmentally-friendly base material for use as an alternative to plastic drinking straws.

“Our fibre-based solution is called ‘NiklaStraw’ and combines the advantages of a traditional drinking straw with the all-important reduced ecological footprint of a sustainable raw material,” says Jürgen Schulz, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing at B&B. “NiklaStraw has been specially developed to replace plastic straws. The material is compostable, so that alone helps to prevent environmental pollution,” continues Schulz.

‘NiklaStraw’ has been certified for direct contact with food by independent laboratories and the material is regularly tested to ensure consistently high product quality. The straws are equally suitable for cold or hot drinks, and consumers don’t need to feel under any time pressure as they enjoy their drink. Even at the end of an extremely long film at the cinema, every mouthful of your favourite drink that you take through a ‘NiklaStraw’ will remain an unalloyed pleasure.

B&B specialises in making special papers for technical purposes and is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of label paper. Just recently, the company launched a particularly sustainable label paper made from recycled materials. The company voluntarily seeks certification to confirm that these products comply with the highest international environmental standards. B&B is also developing sustainable solutions for the packaging industry and, already, not only drinking straws but also the undesirable plastic pouches in which so much food is packaged can be replaced by environmentally-friendly paper bags.

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