Label papers

Packaging labels not only provide information, but also have the important function of supporting the success of products. Here, among other things, the material and the texture also play an important role. After all, the label is the product's "identity card" and serves to convey the brand message. "Properly staged", the packaging label helps consumers at the point of sale to decide in favour of a product.

For this reason, Brigl & Bergmeister has specialised in the production of high-quality label papers. We thus provide the basis for individual paper labels that emphasise the character of the brand.

The right material for the paper labels

Brigl & Bergmeister offers a wide range of paper solutions for various applications. The nature of the label papers can be fully adapted to the needs of the business customers. The paper for packaging labels is produced uncoated, coated, matt, glossy or even embossed. 

To ensure that the right material is available for every application, we offer two different types of label paper:

Paper for sustainable and economical packaging labels

The paper grades from Brigl & Bergmeister impress with the highest printing and labelling speeds. They also score points with their environmental friendliness. The papers are FSC and/or PEFC certified and feature optimum glue consumption. With the Wet-strength label papers outstanding ink adhesion in washing lyes is a particular highlight.

Areas of application for our label papers

  • Reusable packaging (beverage bottles, beer bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles, plastic bottles...)
  • Disposable packaging (champagne bottles, juice bottles, liquor bottles, plastic bottles...)
  • Cans and jars for fruit and vegetables, convenience foods
  • Cover paper for self-adhesive labels
  • IML labelling

Whether you are looking for a label paper for a specific application or want to browse through different features of our product portfolio - discover our product search!