Paper for composite materials

Our papers are ideally suited for integration into a wide variety of composite materials and application areas. From lamination to extrusion to metallisation - we manufacture the paper exactly according to the respective requirements for the further processing.

Regardless of whether it is used as packaging material for food, toy packaging or jewellery packaging - Brigl & Bergmeister's paper scores with outstanding quality in composite and packaging production. In the food sector, our papers are suitable for both direct and indirect food contact, as the packaging solutions are "Food Contact" certified and are also regularly inspected.

From food packaging to jewellery packaging and games packaging

The surface of our paper produces brilliant printing results and thus provides the optimum basis for a successful market presentation of various products:

  • Ready-made food
  • Pet food
  • Instant packaging
  • Baby food
  • fast food
  • Drugs
  • Gift wrapping
  • Board games
  • Game packaging
  • Toy packaging
  • Device packaging
  • Watch and jewellery packaging 
  • Packaging for luxury goods
  • Table games / Board games

Whether you are looking for a packaging solution for a specific application or simply want to get to know the breadth of our product portfolio - discover our product search!