Beverage, bottled goods, canned food, egg, trays, home & personal care, paint cans andcontainers, chemical containers, cigarette packs, in mould labelling – ice cream, dairy products & industry application, release liners for self-adhesive labels. >>

Chocolate tablets, candies, chewing gum, fast food, ice cream, coffee, tobacco, yogurt lids, wraparound, cheese, butter, dairy products, personal care, soap, gift paper. >>

Flour, sugar, dry soups, spices, bouillon, tea bags, pharma, nutrition, sugar sticks, personal care, confectionery and bakery products, pasta, seeds. >>

The flexible packaging paper for sustainable straw solutions. >>

Gift boxes, game boxes, plates, table and board games, puzzle, paper core, tubes, food display packs, packaging for toys, home appliances, computer electronics and other. >>