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B&B Organigramm

The B&B group consists of the two factories Brigl & Bergmeister and Papirnica Vevče.

The Brigl & Bergmeister plant is located at the heart of Europe, in Niklasdorf in Styria | Austria, and was founded in 1890.


ENAGES, the thermal recycling plant of B&B, supplies the factory with 100% CO2-neutral energy in the form of steam and electricity. Recycled residual waste is used as a fuel, and the cost-intensive import of fossil resources is thus avoided

The Papirnica Vevče factory was founded in Slovenia, in the greater area of Ljubljana, already in 1842, and has been a 100% subsidiary of B&B since 2004.

Brigl & Bergmeister, ENAGES and Papirnica Vevče are part of the Vienna-based Roxcel group of companies.