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Golden Label Award

Proud of paper

Paper is the ideal material where the focus is on adequately conveying the personality or character of a product. Paper is a time-tested, but also innovative and versatile material. The great number of different grades and their respective finishing options provide many products with a unique and authentic product personality. The more authentically a brand is presented, the greater its success in the market will be. It is precisely in this respect that paper labels unfold their full power of conveying authenticity convincingly. We are proud of paper!

B&B has been organising the Golden Label Award, a competition for paper labels, regularly ever since 1995.

Anyone involved in the manufacture of paper labels (e.g. printers, bottlers, branded companies, designers, advertising agencies) are eligible for participation.

An independent jury of top-class experts from the fields of marketing & design as well as printing & finishing evaluates each individual submission, and each participant will receive feedback regarding the evaluation.

In addition to the Golden Label Award, which is presented in the categories

  • beer / shandy
  • mineral water / soft drinks / non-alcoholic beverages
  • wine / spirits / sweets / glass packaging & others
  • Confectionery / cans / jars / etc.

there is also a "vox pop" prize. It is completely independent from the expert jury's evaluations and will be determined by means of e-voting.

Click here for the Golden Label Award 2016