NiklaConcept Rock

Velvety, natural & pure
NiklaConcept Rock – the archaic one

White, embossed natural label paper. Woodfree. Wet strength and alkali resistant. With embossed surface. High strengths. High climate stability. For offset, flexo and digital printing.

NiklaConcept Rock cannot fail to impress on account of its volume, distinctive feel, opacity, and natural paper look. Combined with a design to match, NiklaConcept Rock will turn a label into an emotional experience. The symbiosis of the genuine appeal of natural paper and excellent design allows impressive results with comparably little effort. In an uncomplicated way, NiklaConcept Rock upgrades the product’s performance on the shelf, enhancing its authenticity, honesty and quality. Perfectly suited for well-grounded and vintage-inspired design with artisan appeal. In terms of technology, NiklaConcept Rock cannot fail to impress thanks to its strengths, good climate stability, high volume and maximum printing and labelling speeds.

For those who prefer variety in terms of print finishing: thanks to its special surface treatment, it is perfectly suited for all finishing processes such as cold stamping, embossing and various painting techniques. NiklaConcept Rock impeccably meets the demands of all common printing methods, such as offset, flexo and digital printing. Paper of the highest quality delivering perfect and economically efficient labelling results.

Technical specifications

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70 GSM 80 GSM 90 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3


  • Wet and alkali resistant
  • Embossed matt surface
  • Grippy feel & “natural look”
  • High strength
  • High climate stability
  • Suitable for all common glue systems
  • High labelling speed
  • Very good flatness properties


  • Returnable and Oneway bottles – glass, plastic, PET

Wet Strength: •••


Alkali Resistance: ••



  • For all common finishing processes



• good

•• very good

••• excellent

° optional


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