Niklakett Brilliant

Brilliant clear & pure
Niklakett Brilliant – the performer

White high-gloss label paper, non-wet strength. With functional coating on the reverse. High strength. High printing and labelling speed. Good climate stability.

Its surface texture supports high-quality, clear, brilliant printing, even with complicated special finishes.

Niklakett Brilliant, finished with the latest modern printing techniques, is eminently suitable for labelling cans and jars, as well as for flexible packaging. Its climate stability makes it highly reliable, even in adverse working conditions.

The use of this paper is guaranteed to draw attention to the marketer’s products. Special products need a rather special appearance.

The high gloss and smoothness of this material make the label stand out. A real star performer. The end result is always a perfect union of product and presentation.

Niklakett Brilliant

Technical specifications

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75 GSM* 80 GSM 90 GSM 100 GSM*

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3 Rotogravure 3


  • Food contact approved,
  • Excellent flatness
  • Climate stability
  • Excellent stamping quality


  • Labels for one way packaging  (bottles, cans and jars – glass, plastic, PET)
  • Chocolate wrapping,
  • Gaming packaging
  • Home appliance packaging
  • Luxury goods packaging
  • Toy packaging


  • Suitable for foil- and relief stamping



• good

•• very good

••• excellent

◊ Bundle wrap, coffee packaging
◊◊ Aluminium foil, plastics
◊◊◊ Plastics

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