Niklakett Medium Design

Striking, voluminous & harmonious
Niklakett Medium Design – full of surprises

White, semi-matt embossed label paper, excellent ink retention in washing solution, excellent printing results in offset, special effects with metallic inks, high strength. With functional coating on the reverse . High printing an highest labelling speed. Good climate stability.

Its special matt, embossed surface opens up an abundance of means to produce interesting print effects, with an intensity of colour and vibrancy that never cease to surprise.

Niklakett Medium Design conveys the tension between understated elegance and romantic expression. Its high volume ensures very good labelling results, and prevents the labelling glue running out.

This provides the marketer with impeccable product presentation every time. It can adopt a different personality by using different surface patterns, such as a damast or linen texture.

Technical specifications

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70 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3


  • Wet strength and alkali resistant
  • Semi-matt
  • Embossed
  • Excellent ink retention in the washing solution
  • With a functional reverse side coating
  • High printing and highest labelling speed
  • Good climate stability
  • Wrinkle-free labeling in particularly wet conditions


  • Returnable and Oneway bottles – glass, plastic, PET

Wet Strength: •••


Alkali Resistance: •••



  • Special effects with metallic inks
  • Special effects with partial varnishing
  • Suitable for foil and relief stamping
  • Excellent stamping quality even for demanding shapes
  • Suitable for all common gluing systems



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•• very good

••• excellent

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