Niklakett Medium Fashion

Niklakett Medium Fashion

Fragrant, Elegant & Modern
Niklakett Medium Fashion - the sensual one

White glossy embossed label paper. Excellent ink adhesion in wash liquors. High strengths, with functional coating on the reverse side. High printing and highest labelling speeds and good climate stability.

Noble and delicate, flowing and constructive, this is how Niklakett Medium Fashion presents itself. Its sensual charm comes from the special paper structure. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creative design.

Surface patterns (e.g. linen structures) in combination with the - like fine fabric - expressive surface touch the viewer. Already the touch of this paper promises a sensual experience.

The modern drinks scene, with its extravagant, trendy bottles, is crying out for an elegant, modern and emotional label. Niklakett Medium Fashion is a good choice for this.

Niklakett Medium Fashion

Basis weight

70 GSM 75 GSM 80 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3


  • Wet and alkali resistant
  • White, glossy, embossed
  • Excellent ink adhesion in wash liquors
  • High strengths
  • With function bar on the back
  • Highest print and labelling speeds
  • Good climate stability
  • Optimal glue consumption


  • Reusable and disposable - glass, plastic, PET

Wet strength: •••


Alkali resistance: •••



  • Suitable for foils and relief embossing
  • Best punching properties even for the most demanding shapes

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