Niklakett Premium Fashion

Niklakett Premium Fashion

Great, Comfortable & Sensual
Niklakett Premium Fashion - the sublime

High gloss embossed label paper. High wet and alkali resistance. High wet opacity, good climate stability. Highest printing and labelling speeds. Well suited for the use of metallic inks.

Like the base material for this grade in a high-gloss finish, this embossed version is also one of the best label papers when it comes to high-quality printing requirements and high labelling demands.

Niklakett Premium Fashion is the paper for offset printers. He will be pleased with it when it comes to multicoloured applications and impressive colour brilliance is desired. Of course, Niklakett Premium Fashion is excellent for die-cutting and labelling at high speeds.

In the handle, Niklakett Premium Fashion differs from the smooth and high-gloss base material.

The structured surface, which allows the eye to linger a little longer when looking at it, radiates a balanced calm that is confirmed by the sense of touch. Marketing specialists use this advantage in the predominant use in the beverage sector, so that especially when using the product the haptic properties are perceived positively.

Niklakett Premium Fashion

Basis weight

70 GSM* 75 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3


  • Wet and alkali resistant
  • High gloss and embossed
  • High wet opacity
  • Good climate stability
  • Backside functional coating
  • Highest printing and labelling speeds
  • Particularly suitable for the tightest radii
  • Suitable for all common glue systems
  • Optimal glue consumption
  • Very good flatness
  • Excellent ink adhesion in wash liquors
  • Additional fungicide equipment possible°.


  • For single and multiple use applications.

Wet strength: •••


Alkali resistance: •••



  • Well suited for the use of metalluric (or metallurgic) inks
  • Suitable for foils and relief embossing
  • Best punching properties even for the most demanding shapes

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