Niklakett Spezial TD-M

Professional, efficient & modern
Niklakett Spezial TD-M – the metallizing basepaper

Base paper for vacuum metallizing. High wet strength and alkali resistant. With functional coating on the reverse side. Highest processing speed. Good climate stability.

Niklakett Spezial TD-M is the performer for metallized label applications. It makes light work of all the finer points of vacuum metallizing, producing impressive results. It proves itself a thoroughbred in multi-cycle use, with its good alkali resistance.

Its technical sophistication makes Niklakett Spezial TD-M a superior label paper, where a combination of economy, multifunctionality and processing efficiency is needed.

A contemporary specialist where a high level of overall quality is required of a metallizing basepaper.

Technical specifications

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60 GSM* 65 GSM 68 GSM*

Printing techniques

Offset 3 Rotogravure 3


  • High wet strength and alkali resistant
  • With functional coating on the reverse side
  • Highest processing speed
  • Good climate stability
  • Very good flatness characteristics


  • For one-way and returnable applications
  • Base paper for vacuum metallizing

Wet Strength: •••


Alkali Resistance: •••



  • Economic use of varnish
  • Excellent stamping quality even for demanding shapes
  • Suitable for all common gluing systems
  • Optimal glue consumption



• good

•• very good

••• excellent

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