Niklakett Special TD

Niklakett Special TD

Professional, Efficient & Modern
Niklakett Spezial TD - the rotogravure specialist

Label paper for gravure printing. Excellent ink adhesion in washing liquor. Highest strengths with functional coating on the reverse side. Highest printing and labelling speeds. Good climate stability.

Niklakett Special TD rightly deserves its name.

It is the specialist when gravure printing is required. There Niklakett Spezial TD does not owe an answer. Niklakett Spezial TD playfully masters all the finesses of gravure printing and impresses with outstanding print results.

With it one achieves best gravure gold and silver. Due to its special smoothness Niklakett Spezial TD is a master of high speeds. It proves its quality as a real reusable professional by its good ink adhesion in the wash liquor.

Due to its technical maturity, Niklakett Spezial TD is a superior label paper when it comes to combining economy, multifunctionality and processing. It has the right mixture between simplicity and sympathy, combined with economy. A contemporary specialist for a high overall demand on label paper.

Niklakett Special TD

Basis weight

65 GSM 68 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 1 Rotogravure 3


  • Specially developed for rotogravure printing
  • Wet and alkali resistant
  • High gloss
  • Good choice for printing with metallic inks
  • Good ink adhesion in washing liquors
  • Highest printing and labelling speeds
  • Good climate stability
  • Suitable for all common glue systems
  • Optimal glue consumption


  • Reusable and disposable - glass, plastic, PET

Wet strength: •••


Alkali resistance: •••



  • Suitable for foils and relief embossing
  • Universally paintable
  • Best punching properties even for the most demanding shapes

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