Niklakett Spezial TD

Professional, efficient & modern
Niklakett Spezial TD – the gravure printing specialist

Label paper for rotogravure printing. Excellent ink retention in washing solution. Highest strength. With functional coating on the reverse. Highest printing and labelling speed. Good climate stability.

Niklakett Spezial TD is aptly named.

It is the specialist medium for gravure printing (TD). Niklakett Spezial TD rises to every challenge. Niklakett Spezial TD makes light work of all the finer points of gravure printing, producing impressive printing results.

It gives you the best gold and silver gravure print. Its special suppleness makes Niklakett Spezial TD the master of high-speed operation. It proves itself a thoroughbred in multi-cycle use, with its good ink retention in washing solution.

Its technical sophistication makes Niklakett Spezial TD a superior label paper, where a combination of economy, multifunctionality and processing efficiency is needed. It has the right mixture of simplicity and geniality, combined with economy. A contemporary specialist where a high level of overall quality is required of a label paper.

Niklakett Spezial TD

Technical specifications

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65 GSM 68 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 1 Rotogravure 3


  • Special designed for gravure printing
  • Wet strength and alkali resistant
  • High gloss
  • Good choice for printing with metallic inks
  • Good ink retention in washing solution
  • Highest printing and labelling speed
  • Good climate stability.
  • For all common gluing systems
  • Excellent glue consumption


  • Returnable and Oneway bottles – glass, plastic, PET

Wet Strength: •••


Alkali Resistance: •••



  • Suitable for foil and relief stamping
  • Universally varnishable
  • Excellent stamping quality even for demanding shapes



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•• very good

••• excellent

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