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Niklakett Medium Fashion

Niklakett Medium Fashion

Dainty, elegant & modern
Niklakett Medium Fashion - the sensuous feel

White, gloss, embossed label paper. Excellent ink retention in the washing solution, highest strength. With functional coating on the reverse. High printing and labelling speed, good climate stability.

Noble and delicate, flowing and structural, this is the look and feel of Niklakett Medium Fashion. It derives its sensuous charm from its special paper texture. This opens up diverse possibilities for creative design.

Surface finishes such as linen textures in combination with the expressive surface that creates the impression of fine material are striking to the user. Just taking this paper in your hand promises a sensuous experience.

The modern beverages scene with its extravagant, trendy bottles cries out for an elegant, modern and emotional label. This makes Niklakett Medium Fashion a good choice.