Paper for individual packaging

The special papers from Brigl & Bergmeister

Packaging makes a significant contribution to the success of a product. Therefore, special attention should be paid to it in the course of product development. However, the requirements for packaging are often just as individual as the product itself. In addition to functionality, visual components and communication, packaging also plays an important role in today's world. Sustainability plays an important role.

Individual paper packaging is therefore increasingly becoming the focus of companies that want to win over environmentally conscious consumers. For this reason, Brigl & Bergmeister has specialised in the production of high-quality Papers for packaging specialised.

Special solutions for individual paper packaging

In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we offer special papers that convince through their diverse functionality. The development of special solutions is one of our core competencies and is one of our daily tasks. No matter whether you need paper for the individual packaging of food or for other products - our team accepts detailed product requests and contacts you immediately.

Here is an overview of our speciality papers:

  • NiklaStraw - the paper solution for drinking straws
  • Niklakett IML - the paper solution for injection moulding labelling
  • PackPro 4 HCI - the paper for package inserts for medicines and cosmetics

Base paper with silicone:

  • NiklaSilico 1.0
  • NiklaSilico 2.0
  • NiklaSilico 3.0

Whether you are looking for paper for a specific application or want to browse through different specifications of our product portfolio - discover our product search!

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