Niklakett Premium

Superior, majestic & sophisticated
Niklakett Premium – the prince

High gloss label paper, high wet strength and alkali resistant. High wet opacity. High climate stability. Highest printing and labelling speed. Designed for use of metalure inks.

Probably one of the best label papers, Niklakett Premium pulls all the stops of printing technique, opening up new horizons.

It passes with ease through all modern printing processes. Offset printers can do their best work, as this prince among label papers shows its paces with multicolour printing and using metal effect inks. Gravure printers too can produce sophisticated work.

Experts immediately recognize the strengths of this unique label material just from its look and feel. Its fine, high-gloss surface has a sensuous feel. Niklakett Premium is the prince among label papers when it comes to beverages within the premium segment.

It is your guarantee of an immaculate image, especially in wet conditions such as in the ice bucket or during labelling. Even under these extreme conditions it retains its sovereign.

Niklakett Premium

Technical specifications

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70 GSM* 75 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo 3 Offset 3 Rotogravure 3


  • High gloss label paper
  • High wet strength and alkali resistant
  • High climate stability
  • Highest printing and labelling speed
  • For all common gluing systems
  • Optimal glue consumption
  • Excellent ink retention in the washing solution
  • Additional anti mould treatment possible°


  • Returnable and Oneway bottles – glass, plastic, PET
  • Beverages within premium segment

Wet Strength: •••


Alkali Resistance: •••



  • Designed for use of metalure inks
  • Suitable for foil and relief stamping
  • Universally varnishable
  • Excellent stamping quality even for demanding shapes



• good

•• very good

••• excellent

° optional


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