NiklaSilico 3.0

NiklaSilico 3.0 is 1-side double coated silicone base paper, with reverse side treatment. It’s super calendered with excellent internal bond, good dimensional stability and excellent lay flat. NiklaSilico 3.0 is suitable for reverse side scoring and for all common thermal silicone systems.

It’s benefit is high silicone hold-out and cure speed.

NiklaSilico 3.0 is used for paper and film laminates, for technical applications, graphic art and for plotter cutting.


Technical specifications

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90 GSM

Printing techniques

Flexo Offset


  • 1 side double coated silicone base paper
  • With reverse side treatment
  • Super calendered
  • Excellent internal bond
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good lay flat
  • Suitable for reverse side scoring
  • For all common thermal silicone systems
  • High silicone hold-out and cure speed


  • For paper and film laminates, technical applications and graphic art
  • For plotter cutting