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Paper meets design – design meets paper

Label management comprises a number of areas – from paper production, refinement, design, printing and labelling to, finally, marketing.

We are committed to initialising synergies. Browse through our product range and take the opportunity to gain new perspectives and find alternatives.

Label papers

Intelligent label papers. If you think a label is nothing but an information carrier, you miss a lot. Labels can enhance a product’s success lastingly – if you use the right paper, printed and refined to excellence, for the right product. Our range of label papers

Flexible packaging papers

Brigl & Bergmeister’s flexible packaging papers are distinguished above all by their very good feeding properties for printing and further processing. Products for a variety of applications! Our range of flexible packaging papers

Graphic papers

Brigl & Bergmeister’s graphic papers are available in 2-side coated versions. Our range of graphic papers

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