To a more sustainable future through collaboration and innovation

Sustainability at Brigl & Bergmeister

We are aware of our responsibility!

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility. Sustainability is an integral part of our daily activities. Social as well as ecological and economic responsibility is lived at Brigl & Bergmeister. Our values form the cornerstone for the development of our products and our company.

Only together can we embark on this journey and create a responsible, sustainable and enduring future.

Our contribution to holistic sustainability

B&B Code of Conduct

Brigl & Bergmeister is committed to upholding certain values and principles of conduct. These are clearly formulated in our code of conduct, the
B&B Code of Conduct.
In it, Brigl & Bergmeister acknowledges its responsibility for society and the environment in our sphere of influence.

The Code of Conduct applies to all business areas and all countries in which we operate. It is binding for our employees as well as for suppliers and contractors.

Raw materials

Our paper grades are made from sustainably managed forests.

In addition, we work closely with our suppliers and transfer our social and environmental values to the entire supply chain.

In addition, as part of our sustainability initiative, we have taken further measures in the area of supplier engagement to guarantee a transparent and responsible supply chain.

Water sources
The water supply of the two production sites is ensured exclusively by groundwater from the company's own wells and although we produce at sites with a low water risk, we are continuously working on reducing the specific water consumption. .

Water consumption and water cycle
Due to the production technology used, our specific energy and water consumption values ​​are particularly low and even better than industry standards. In addition, our specific water consumption has constantly being reduced. Thus we were able to reduce the specific water consumption of only 6.5 m³ per tonne of paper at our site in Slovenia. Furthermore we were able to reduce the volume of waste water by around 25% in 2020 compared to the previous year at our site in Niklasdorf.

Waste water
With company's own biological waste water treatment plants, the entire process water is cleaned mechanically and biologically. Ongoing controls always guarantee the hith waste water quality at our production sites.


We rely on a more sustainable production technology to protect the environment in the best possible way.

In our two paper mills in Austria and Slovenia, we are working on continuous process optimization for all relevant areas.


The continuous optimisation of our processes is ensured by our certified environmental management system since 2007. It is our goal to achieve further improvement, to protect our environment as best as possible and to keep the impact of our processes as low as possible.


Innovative paper solutions, for customers and a better environment.

The conservation of resources has top priority at the center of our product development.

With our products we make a sigificant contribution to the circular economy. The conservation of resources has top priority at the center of our product development. All of our packaging papers and non-wet strength label papers are therefore recyclable*. In addition, our packaging papers can be composted** according to ISO 13432:2000-12.

For reuse application, our wet-strength label papers support a clean cycle by guaranteeing optimum resistance in the washing process of bottlers.

In addition, with our paper grade Niklakett Medium PURE, which is based on 100% secondary fibre, we offer an alternative to virgin fibre.

* Analysis on request (depending on application and standard)
** Analysis by ISEGA Cert GmbH Aschaffenburg


Our success is based on our employees and their passion makes us unique.

We strive to be a attractive place to work and employer, that encourages its employees and cares about their well-being.We offer our employees opportunities for further training in order to find attractive career prospects within the company..

We are aware that we can only grow together!

For example we train 5 to 10 apprentices every year in various areas (paper technicians, mechanical engineers, electricians) at our site in Niklasdorf. In addition, we encourage individual development of our employees and offer different career opportunities in our specialist departments.

Success Stories

Bio treatment plant

A clean environment is top priority of our paper mills. The water returned to the environment is treated better than required by the international standards of the IPPC directive. This is how we show our respect for nature and its needs, because water is a source of life and a precious commodity.

As an example, the new biological water purification plant was put into operation at the Slovenian site in 2008 with an investment volume of 5.6 million euros. It cleans up to 3,500 cubic meters of water every day. This capacity would also be sufficient for a settlement with 28,000 inhabitants.


Already in 2004, B&B decided to set an example and shut down the boiler house for the electricity and steam supply. Investments are being made in an innovative waste recycling plant in which non-recyclable waste is incinerated. This contributed to the reduction of landfilled waste and protected the health of the population, since residues are not only rendered inert, but also hygienised, thus preventing the spread of pollutants. Non-burned recyclable materials are also concentrated and, if possible, recycled (e.g. broken glass). One of the main reasons, in addition to energy generation, is the substitution of fossil fuels such as gas, oil or coal and therefore ensures energy supply without fossil resources.

Energy efficiency through innovation

With the commissioning of the new film press in November 2015 at the Austrian location in Niklasdorf, Brigl & Bergmeister took measures to reduce specific steam and electricity consumption. Other resource-saving aspects, such as saving on specific production material and increased machine efficiency, also contribute to sustainable production. Investments were made in a film press at the Slovenian location in 2013.

In addition, investments were made in a new heat recovery system in 2015, which saved 700 kg of steam per hour in production. In this way, 30% steam has been saved per tonne of paper since 2015.


Paper is our passion
Innovative label papers and packaging solutions for customers and a better environment.