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Our product portfolio consists of three main segments: label papers, flexiblepackaging papers, and special papers.

In the label papers segment, we offer a wide range of wet-strength and non-wet-strength variants. Flexible packaging papers are characterized by their suitability for a wide variety of further processing and printing technologies. The special papers segment, on the other hand, contains products that have been specifically developed for certain areas of application.

For disposable and reusable systems, e.g. cans, bottles, jars

High-quality papers for use as primary and/or secondary packaging

Papers for special applications and custom solutions

B&B as part of the
value chain

The entire value chain faces significant challenges. A plan of action to reduce CO2 emissions is now an essential component in supplier selection.

We pursue ambitious goals and set high standards for ourselves. Therefore, we also expect our suppliers to share these goals and support us in our pursuit of sustainable products. Close cooperation among all the companies involved is essential to make a significant contribution to the development of sustainable products.

Sustainability report now available: Brigl & Bergmeister is committed to a sustainable future


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